Tutoring website United Kingdom & South Africa

For this project it was important to consider the target audience. Many people in South Africa, especially in schools, use older versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. These are the people that are most likely to visit this website to evaluate the company. Thus one of the primary objectives of this project was compatibility with Internet Explorer 7 and up.

Another interesting aspect of this project is that it uses the new feature of Rails 4.1 – Variants. The very same server code (a Rails app) powers both the UK and SA version of this website. This is achieved without deploying and spawning another, modified instance of the app, greatly simplifying the maintenance and future development. The varied content of the website based on the language and certain design elements are all neatly managed side by side utilizing the template variants.


SA front page.
UK front page.
UK front page.
Product page.
Contact form for schools.