Open Source

osi_symbolWhere it makes sense, I contribute some of my work to open source. It’s awesome to know that others are using your work, building upon it and benefiting from it. Here are some of my contributions:

  • Delivery and Management API configuration feature for Contentful gem. Contentful is a SAAS CMS.
  • Percona MySQL Container – Docker container that provides the Percona MySQL server, with performance optimized config, replication over secure ssh tunnel and percona toolkit for administration and backup. The whole container is fully tested using rspec. Read more about it in my portfolio.
  • Effort – Personal To-do and Project manager – I’ve been using this for years to get important stuff done. First build in CakePHP later migrated to Rails with Russian doll caching for native desktop app speeds.
  • Zabbix Server Container – Docker container that encapsulates the full installation of the latest Zabbix Server, complete with mail relay and web interface. Zabbix is a great open source solution for monitoring IT infrastructure. I use it to monitor all my dedicated and virtual servers.

Minor Contributions

You can learn more about the work that I do in my portfolio.