Sketch replaced Photoshop in my web-design workflow

I am really happy that I stumbled on some article (can’t find it now) comparing Sketch to Photoshop. This convinced me to give Sketch a try for a web-design part of a project I was working on. I downloaded the trial version, went through a few tutorials and I quickly saw the potential of greatly improving my workflow. Sketch is clearly a tool that was developed with web in mind from the start. It paid off, because once I started designing the website, it’s UI, logo and typography I was impressed at how much faster I was able to accomplish things compared to Photoshop.

Better tool opens up time for experimentation

What I did not necessarily expect at the beginning is that the time and effort that Sketch saves me putting my idea or vision into the computer as a graphic design–this saved time I would use for experimentation and fine tuning of my work. It’s so much easier to just select all the elements of the same type on a webpage design and fine tune the border, shadow or size all in one go (just one of many features of Sketch). This results in me producing work that I am more satisfied with.

Vectors are everywhere

In Sketch, everything is a vector. Now vector graphics is not something I had too much experience with. In the past, I used Illustrator only on a few occasions, never becoming fully comfortable with it to a degree where I would use it as the first place to go when I needed to create a logo or similar graphic asset for a project. So this time, I gave myself a specific task to finish, unrelated to any work project I was busy with. The whole point of this task was to push myself to improve my vector skills and produce something tangible, not just playing aimlessly with shapes and colors. I created this african mask illustration and made it available on Envato (which is also something I wanted to try for a while).

African Mask


Learning this new tool and enjoying the faster and more effortless web-design workflow is something I now enjoy thanks to Sketch.

DIP Lite: E-learning Platform

DIP Lite is a free e-learning platform. Its fully automated in-browser experience connects the users with a personally assigned “buddy”: an experienced person that overviews and assist the user throughout the course. The user walks the course on her own pace as well as engage in daily exercises, complete with email notifications and communication with the course buddy provided by the course platform.

For this project I delivered the following:

  • Initial design of the flow and functionality of the platform based on the goals set by the client.
  • Mockups of the UI and user flows.
  • Graphic design.
  • Logo creation.
  • Implementation within Rails.
  • Automated test suite.
  • Further feature development and updating/upkeep of the codebase.
  • Running this project in production for 3 years (DevOps).


Front page.
Front page.
After the lightning fast registration users immediately start with Lesson 1.
After the lightning fast registration users immediately start with Lesson 1.
Reviewing user's feedback.
Reviewing user’s feedback.
Admin dashboard.
Admin dashboard.

Rails stats

Code stats.
Code stats.

Projects Overview in 2012

These are some of the projects I’ve launched during 2012. This year was interesting as I switched from mainly using PHP as a backend language to Ruby (on Rails). Switching to Ruby was a welcome refreshment, the syntax is so close to natural language. I really enjoy the way it allows one to express the idea in code. There is little I need to say about Rails.

Here are the projects I’ve been busy with this year:

Equal Money System website redesign

Desteni I Process redesign

EQAFE – Self-Perfection Merchadise

Recent projects

A few days ago I’ve launched a new website for the Equal Money System project. The project is about a complete social and economic change, worldwide.

I really enjoyed doing the graphic design and I am satisfied with how it turned out. The feedback of the community is also very positive. Programming wise it was nothing advanced – it’s backed by the excellent WordPress, which I am again “falling in love” with.

Equal Money For All