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To start 2015 in style, I’ve got a new theme for this website. Build from ground up to put the focus on my portfolio, clear typography and content. CSS were hand crafted, mobile first. On the backend – good old WordPress. Since all the cool internet kids are switching to https – I am following suit. For extra speed (and a free SSL certificate) I am utilizing CloudFlare to sit in front of the host.

All and all, I am satisfied and I hope all this new shiny tech will motivate me to write some quality content this year. Stay tuned!

Homepage serves to inform the visitor about what this website is about, put the most important content forward as well as create a good first impression.
Homepage serves to inform the visitor about what this website is about, put the most important content forward as well as create a good first impression.

Website updated

Finally I’ve cleaned up and updated this very website. It was in quite a poor condition – for a web developer’s website – content wise and software wise too.

I am rolling on the latest WordPress for extra smooth blogging and cleaned up the About and Portfolio sections and added new content.

I am still alive

I can’t believe the last post here is from May 2008. That’s quite a while.

So what have I been doing all the time? First off I got my first open source project going – Wildflower. It’s my vision of what a web CMS should look like, although that vision has and is changing along the way. I am really happy how it turned out, especially the responses from the community. People build sites with it and I really enjoy comments saying that it’s the most rapid to develop with CMS.

Of course, I’ve been busy with client work. All powered by Wildflower. I’ve also screwed some things up and learned how to really disappoint a client. These are as worthy lessons as the successes in my book.

That’s it for now, time to cook some launch.

Breaking the 200+ unique visitors a day!

233 unique visitors On Wednesday I had 233 unique visitors! It’s a great feeling. That’s the best number I have got in my short blogging career so far. It’s nothing breathtaking but it really motivates me to write more quality content. Not that the CSS Debugging Tips (posting this on dzone caused it) was some masterpiece, but there are surely people that profit from reading it. So thanks everybody and off I go to write something worthy 🙂

Here comes the ThickBox

I found even better solution for displaying images than Lightbox. It’s called ThickBox, it’s build on jQuery library, together they have only 27 Kb and does a few things that Lightbox can’t. It automaticaly resizes the image based on the resolution, can display any HTML content, so it can be used not just for images. All around it’s much better.

The jQuery library alone looks promising. It’s very small and the idea behind looks fun. I am planning to use it on one of my AJAX projects. I’ll report my experiences with it.

New design is done!

I deployed the new design for my blog. I was aiming for a clean, easy on eyes and foremost usable one. I am quite happy with it. There is still some work to be done but basicaly it’s finished. How do you like it? I plan to distribute this as a WordPress theme (with a few modifications).

With the new design comes one big change — I am going to write this blog in english from now on. The goal is simple. I want my blog to be as much popular as possible. live

Note: This article is in slovak language.

Konečne po dlhom čase som sa rozhýbal a kúpil poriadny hosting a vlastnú doménu. Toto je len prechodná verzia stránky. Ako ste si možno všimli beží tu WordPress a asi to tak aj ostate. Akurát sa zmení téma na nejakú custom made. Oproti môjmu starému blogu, ktorý v čase písania ešte stále beží, sem pribudnú nové kategórie a dúfam, že bude aj aktívnejší.