New design is done!

I deployed the new design for my blog. I was aiming for a clean, easy on eyes and foremost usable one. I am quite happy with it. There is still some work to be done but basicaly it’s finished. How do you like it? I plan to distribute this as a WordPress theme (with a few modifications).

With the new design comes one big change — I am going to write this blog in english from now on. The goal is simple. I want my blog to be as much popular as possible.


  1. nice design. i really like it. but why english? i have got my block in english and wish to have another one in slovak language 🙂

    btw i dont like designs which are aligned in the left.

    good luck and have lot of words to say

  2. Thanks.

    First, most communities I am active on are the english ones, so I get quite a few visitors from them. Second, you can speak to a lot more people with english. You can hardly get a digg, for example, with a slovak site.

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