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A few days ago I’ve launched a new website for the Equal Money System project. The project is about a complete social and economic change, worldwide.

I really enjoyed doing the graphic design and I am satisfied with how it turned out. The feedback of the community is also very positive. Programming wise it was nothing advanced – it’s backed by the excellent WordPress, which I am again “falling in love” with.

Equal Money For All


  1. Cool Robo

    The muuuch better than previous ones design ! Its intuitive and simple, what i really dont like are complicated things 🙂

  2. The ‘zoomed-in’ dollar bill, is looking very cool embedded on the front page of the website. The colors and ‘lighting-up’ when hovering a mouse pointer over the 3 sections, are also cool. The rest looks very in a ‘word press’ way. Anyway, have the logo of equal money been changed intentionally? Before it was ‘equal’ at both sides, and looked like the current website icon, of the equal money website.

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