When you leave your blog not-so-very-updated for some time you’ll start to notice some bad things. Traffic slowly declines and the more you don’t post the lazier you are to write something new. But I don’t want to talk about that.

I made quite a big decision lately – I left the college (willingly). My main reason was that I was, with time, more and more interested and occupied by my freelance career. It escalated to such a point that I had to make a decision. Stay in the school or left and fully concentrate on my business. I chose the later. There was no reason for me to stay – I was simply bored in school. There was very little useful knowledge that I was gaining there. Our programming classes, the only ones that I enjoyed at least a bit, became a joke in the 3rd semester. But I don’t regret my time spent there. I met a lot of great people and learned something too.

I am quite excited. Finally I can concentrate on things that I really enjoy doing. I am confident that this is the right way for me to go, but, well, time will tell.


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